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I’m a digital designer and creative director based in Hamburg, Germany. I create digital brand experiences and products.
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Hello, you've reached the end of awesomeness.

I combine audiovisual communication and technology to create digital products and experiences that foster conversations between brands and their audiences.

I work for individuals, agencies and companies in the realms of creative strategy, UX and visual design. I work hands-on and short-term, but I am also experienced in leading complex projects and teams.

I put my creative energy into experiences that any human being can love.

I offer creative consultancy and coaching within the range of human centered experience design, product innovation and accessible brands. I utilize storytelling and design to shape ideas into concepts. I employ visual design and code to build hyper-realistic prototypes and compelling presentations.

Hi, I'm Michael.

With almost 20 years of professional practice, Michael has had the pleasure of designing digital experiences and products for some amazing clients such as Audi, BMW, KTM, Mercedes Benz, MINI, Rimowa, Sennheiser, Sony Ericsson, Vodafone and counting. His work has received numerous prestigious awards, including Cannes lions, New York Festivals, Clios, ADC and ADC*E and others.

While studying economic science, Michael started his professional career when inventing a floppy disk based content management system that was put on the market in '97. Michael liquidated his business at the turn of the millenium to join a dot.com startup named Stylepark which burst in 2002. He then worked as an interaction designer and flash coder to craft award-winning interactive experiences for MINI @ BBDO Interone, which made him climbing the career path and losing his soul. He left BBDO Interone as creative director in 2009 and started his odyssey from agency to agency. Today, Michael is working as a freelance designer, creative leader and consultant.

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